Saturday, May 9, 2009


This is my beautiful 6 year old niece Sophia, modeling her new bikini and her new smile.

Sophia's favorite things are:

  • Horses, horses and more horses
  • Anything and everything "Princess".
  • Color: PINK (are there any others?)
  • Sparkly everything...
  • Cupcakes and Ice cream WITH sprinkles
  • Panda... (the animal and the Chinese food... yeah... I know... lol)
  • School

and a lot more stuff

Sometimes I get a phone call and I say "hello"... and all I hear from the other side is "MEOW" and then a little laugh... and that's how I know that is Sophia trying to trick "Tia Rosana"... than I respond "QUACK"... and that is how we communicate for a little while... Until I say: "Hey Sophia, want to go to Michael's?" And then the conversation gets real serious and she is ready to go in minutes.


Pinklady50 said...

Aww, she's adorable. And you are right--pink is the only color! And sparkles--oh my, I want to glitterize the world! She's lucky to have such a special and fun relationship with you (and a shopping buddy besides!)

ELIANA said...

What a cute post. Sophia is indeed lucky to have ya!!!