Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Loro, 41 Year Old Bird

This is my familie's bird fom when I was a little girl. I remember as if it was today, the day that we adopted him into our family. I was a 7 year old little girl. One evening after school, in Brazil, my mom (deceased), my middle brother Edson (deceased) and I walked a couple of miles over to the home of some friends to pick him up and bring him home. I was wearing my school uniforme, and running so excited about adopting "Lourinho". He had just a few gray feathers. That was 41 years ago. This picture was taken a few months ago by the new family that is taking care of him, since he is in Brazil and I am in USA.
He sings and speaks and calls my name and used to call my mom.
What memories I have of those times.

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Pinklady50 said...

He's beautiful! Do you think he calls for you because he misses you?