Monday, April 21, 2008

Meanwhile At The Sunset Drive...

It's so late it's early!
There's not much sleeping around here.
I lay on a loveseat while my 14 year old cat nests on my left arm and I try to type with my right hand the notebook that is on my left side, in the dark . You get the picture. Trying to fit on the sofa when Zoe is no longer here.
I make lists of ‘things to do today’, ‘things to do this week’, ‘things to do eventually’.
Thoughts of 'I need' race through my mind. It's not 'things' that I need, but things that I need to do to help my life run more smoothly. I need to organize my art space, I need to dedicate more time to my business, mostly I need to rest, I need to sleep.

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