Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Miss You Baby Girl!

My beloved Zoe picked me to love when she was just a puppy on the streets of Emeryville, CA. She was such a beautiful puppy. So full of energy... no, really... crazy, overwhelming energy. After all she was a 4 month old Australian Shepherd... A Sheep Dog.
My life was so complicated then. I had no room for more responsibilities. And though I wanted to keep Zoe, I fought for a while getting close to her.
Then I fell in love with her and the rest is history. I was mom to Zoe for about 8 short years. She died 8 months ago, on August 21st.
Not a single day goes by that I don't miss her like crazy. I miss her totally, absolutely 100% unconditional love for me. She made me feel like "Hot Shit", the most important 'thing' in the world.
I will always love and miss you baby girl!

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missychan said...

I'm so sorry about your baby girl... my pal "Gideon" is absolutely my whole world... as are my two kitties of course. I hope your heart is healing, and just know that she'll be waiting for you at the "Rainbow Bridge" and you'll see each other again.