Saturday, September 19, 2009

Neighborly Love...

So here is yet ANOTHER flower card... though I can't promise my next card won't have any flowers in it, I have a very good reason to have flowers on this one...
The other day while on my occasional walk around the block, I passed in front of a house that had 'millions' of Zinnias in on both sides of the house all the way to the front door. Now I adore zinnias and can't keep my mouth shut, so I said: "Oh my God, that is the most beautiful garden!!!" The couple, owners of the house, and their dog, were right there and immediately offered me a bouquet to take home. So I just had to make this card to thank them.

I used WIMG for the vase and sentiment, CB 'Thank You' folder and a cute butterfly ribbon
I was going to make the flowers too, but I found these flowers ready made and they had a strong resemblance to the real flowers. So I decided to take a short cut and use them.

Hope you all like it!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Bouquet...

I made this card a couple of days ago.
I used a little cricut... a little CB, some really cool papers and some premade flowers.
Too bad the pictures suck!

Welcome To The World Izzy!!!

This little guy, "IZZY", was born in Philadelphia. last August.
I made 40 of these baby announcements to welcome him to the world and to let everyone know of his arrival.
I am very happy with the result, especially since it's been a hit!
I wish the camera could capture all of the texture and the beauty of the card.
40 cards... 21 layers x 40... just imagine... lol...
Unfortunately I just thought of taking a picture of the cards after 30 of them were already packed. So here are the last 10
I just love this tiny baby feet charm...
After all of the sweetness, a little unexpected rudeness... lol
Align Center
Inside of the card

Hawaii Themed Birthday Card...

This card was an order... My bosse's friend was turning 60 and the party was Hawaii themed. This is what I came up with. Some cricut... some MS edge punch... and some Jolie's.
Cute, Huh?!
and on the inside of the card:


This is a special one... And I will tell you why...
The day I made this card I was totally uninspired. I had this heart paper... I had the cricut "love" word already cut for a while and decided to try my tiny sewing machine... As I talked to a friend I started cutting hearts from this heart paper and gluing then on the same paper with dimensional glue. So nothing special there right?
Well... the special part happened a couple of weeks later when I showed the card for the first time and got a very positive reaction... so far I have had 8... really... EIGHT orders for this card.
So there you go... Ya never know!